Fast and powerful relief in an easy-to-use, 3 mg sumatriptan, single-use autoinjector1

ZEMBRACE SymTouch may be an appropriate option for your patients who experience:

Morning migraine

My Gain: Fast relief so patients can take on the rest of the day

Rapid-onset migraine

My Gain: Powerful relief that hits back just as fast

Migraine with nausea

My Gain: An easy-to-use pen that bypasses the stomach

ZEMBRACE SymTouch is indicated for the acute treatment of migraine with or without aura in adults.

A different treatment for different patients

When it comes to migraine treatment, one size does not fit all episodes.

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Savings made Simple

Learn more about the availability of ZEMBRACE SymTouch financial support, including our Dual Savings Card.*

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*See card for details. Limitations apply. Each box contains 4 single-use pens. A prescription may be more than 1 box.

Co-pay offer on generic sumatriptan only applies to patients who receive a prescription from their doctor for both oral sumatriptan and ZEMBRACE SymTouch.