Migraine support

Get information and resources to help you manage your migraines.

About migraine

Migraine is a neurological condition. It can cause severe pain, pulsing or throbbing in the head that can last from a few hours to a few days if left untreated. This—in addition to symptoms other than pain—makes migraine distinct from just a bad headache.

Symptoms vary from person to person, and can include intense pain; pain on one side of the head; nausea or vomiting; extreme sensitivity to light, noise or smells; blurred vision and dizziness. Some patients may experience an “aura” before migraine.

Track your migraines

Fill out this migraine and treatment tracker when you experience a migraine. Then take it to your next appointment to help communicate your symptoms and concerns to your doctor.

Prepare for your appointment

These questions will help you talk with your doctor about whether Zembrace® SymTouch® is right for you.

Migraine resources

The following websites offer information about migraines or migraine headaches.

American Migraine Foundation

Dailystrength Migraine Headaches Support Group

M.A.G.N.U.M.: The National Migraine Association

Migraine Research Foundation